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 About Me

 Keb (Katherine) Neff, LCSW | Red Bank, New Jersey
First, let me explain my name. Although my legal first name is Katherine, everyone who knows me calls me Keb. This nickname was given to me when I was in middle school (many years ago:) and was my initials.  It has stuck with me since that time.  So, please call me Keb.

The foundation for a positive therapeutic experience is the relationship between the client and therapist.  I strive to provide an atmosphere of trust, support and acceptance which will allow you and your child to explore concerns with me in an emotionally safe environment. 

Working with children and families is my passion and I have had the privilege of doing this work for over twenty-five years including as a school social worker, in group homes and with a local counseling agency.  I've lived in Monmouth County for over 30 years and raised my children here. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist and Certified School Social Worker with a Master's degree from Rutgers University and additional post graduate training in multiple areas addressing the needs of children.  I've worked with many different children and families and have learned from each of them.  Everyone brings unique concerns and strengths; my work builds upon and enhances these strengths. 

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